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Geographical presence of ELES d.o.o.

We participate

We participate in the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)

Our participation in the ENTSO-E takes place on three levels:

  • we remain in close contact with neighbouring countries, both for dayto-day operation and for optimisation and sharing of power reserves. This also includes our cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina as a member of the Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian (hereinafter referred to as the BSC) control block, and Hungary as a direct neighbour, with which we plan to build a crossborder line in the near future;
  • the countries of continental Europe (from Greece to the south, Germany and part of Denmark to the north, Romania to the east and Portugal to the west, the list includes a total of 24 countries and their transmission system operators) use the same frequency and are committed to the same operating rules as we are;
  • the relations with all ENTSO-E members, which, in addition to the already listed (first and second level of cooperation), include the Baltic, Scandinavian and island countries (Great Britain), which have separate electricity networks from continental Europe.
More information: www.entsoe.eu

We participate in the Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation (TSC)

In an effort to coordinate planning for the safe operation of interconnected transmission networks of 11 countries in continental central Europe, the TSC connects 14 system operators. The Cooperation, as one of the leading Regional Security Cooperation Initiatives (RSCI), develops and implements procedures for the development of common computer models of transmission systems and the coordination of congestion countermeasures, the aim of which is:

  • coordinated provision of safe operation,
  • coordinated calculation of cross-border transmission capacities,
  • coordinated planning when disconnecting transmission devices,
  • coordinated assurance of self-sufficient customer supply, and
  • coordinated management of critical operating conditions.
More information: www.tscnet.eu

We provide cross-border transmission capacities

We are integrated into the common European market via neighbouring countries, with which we have established several cross-border lines, namely on the borders with Austria, Italy, and Croatia. We are best-connected with Croatia with four connections (3 x 110kV, 2 x 220kV and 3 x 400kV), followed by Austria with two connections (2 x 400kV, 220kV), and Italy, also with two connections (220kV and 400kV). The number of connections and their capacity at the border reflect the size of cross-border transmission capacities offered to market players for commercial purposes in order to transfer power between neighbouring countries.

The involvement of ELES in Europe will soon be further strengthened with the construction of the 2 x 400kV Cirkovce–Pince power line on the Slovenian-Hungarian border, which will establish the last missing connection with a neighbouring country

We manage the BSC control block

We manage the BSC control block, which, in addition to ELES, includes system operators:

  • Croatian transmission network HOPS and
  • Bosnian-Herzegovinian transmission network NOS BiH.

The BSC block has existed in this organisational form since the breakup of Yugoslavia. Adoption of the European network codes and guidelines defining the legal framework for block cooperation has made work within the block somewhat difficult because Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a member of the EU and is thus not directly bound to comply with said EU legislation.

Within the BSC block, we seek synergies through joint provision of the necessary reserves in the block and in close cooperation with all block members when balancing deviations. The balancing of deviations is developed so as to enforce the cooperation rules prescribed by the European network codes and guidelines.

We are involved in the ITAMS/ITOMS consortium

Being members of the ITAMS and ITOMS consortia makes it possible to assess our work on an international level.

ITAMS stands for International Transmission Asset Management Study, i.e. an international comparison of transmission asset models and systems. The following companies or countries are included in the ITAMS consortium as of 2018:

  • Europe: ELES (Slovenia), Fingrid (Finland), Terna (Italy), Amprion (Germany), Litgrid (Lithuania), Statnett (Norway), SSE (Scotland), Tennet TSO B.V. (the Netherlands);
  • Asia / South Pacific: Powerlink (Australia),
  • Middle East: Transco (the United Arab Emirates) and OETC (Oman).

ITOMS stands for International Transmission Operations and Maintenance Study, i.e. an international comparison of the cost-effectiveness of maintenance by transmission system operators. Transmission system operators (TSOs) from different continents or from different regions in the consortium are represented as follows:

  • USA: 6 or 7 TSOs,
  • Scandinavia: 4 or 5 TSOs,
  • Europe: 8 or 9 TSOs,
  • Africa / Asia / Middle East: from 8 to 10 TSOs,
  • Australia: 5 or 6 TSOs.

We manage or participate in international R&D, innovation and investment projects

In the scope of the Horizon 2020 research projects, we mainly work with companies and organisations from Europe.

We cooperate with Croatia in strategic investment projects financed by the CEF programme. We also work on NEDO, an advanced investment project, together with our Japanese partner.

Geographical presence of BSP d.o.o.

BSP membership

Members who make sale or purchase offers in one of the BSP trading segments have origins in: the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Great Britain, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Market Coupling

Companies with which we have direct operational relations are based in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Project management

Companies that participate in an implementation project for which BSP performs certain paid tasks are based in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia and IBWT (Italian Borders Working Table) Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Participation in implementation projects

We participate in various projects together with other power exchanges and system operators from across the EU, Norway, and Switzerland.

Geographical presence of TALUM d.d.

TALUM’s export markets in 2017

Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Slovakia, San Marino, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Sweden, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Hungary, Macedonia, Egypt, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Chile, Finland, Morocco, Serbia, Portugal, Tunisia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Estonia, South Africa, Montenegro, Belgium and Colombia.

Geographical presence of Operato d.o.o.

Operato smart solutions

Our smart solutions are implemented in Slovenia and Croatia.