BSP Energetska borza d.o.o.

By constantly DEVELOPING POWER EXCHANGE TRADING, we make the energy market more transparent, secure the fi nancial safety of exchange transactions, and make the use of power generation, distribution and transmission infrastructure more efficient.

We provide Slovenian power exchange members with high-quality and comprehensive services of a liquid, competitive and transparently organised electricity market, thereby providing them with safe trading and reducing their risks and costs. We are also becoming the regional centre for conducting long-term auctions.

We allow almost 40 members of the power exchange to trade in the following segments:

  • day-ahead market,
  • intraday market,
  • balancing market.

Future orientation

  • Increase of the trading volume at all power exchange segments and development of new exchange products.
  • Diversification by introducing new areas of exchange operations and by positioning ourselves as an auction centre for long-term purchases and sales of electricity.
  • Application of good management practices and care for good employee relations.

Our results(data for 2021)

Business operations

EUR 46.62 million
EUR 9.32 million
Added value per employee:
EUR 160,005
Net financial settlement value:
EUR 1,353 million


Total trading volume (day-ahead, intraday and balancing market):
9.75 TWh
Conducting long-term custom-made auctions for long-term products for ELES, SODO and BORZEN.


Organising training events for BSP members and other professionals employed in the energy sector willing to consolidate and increase their knowledge of electricity trading.
There are two types of training:
  • exchange trader training and
  • tailor-made workshops.
50 %


BSP Energetska borza d.o.o. is 50% owned by ELES.

Geographical presence of BSP Energetska borza d.o.o.

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