ELES d.o.o.

With our RELIABLE MANAGEMENT OF THE ELECTRICITY SYSTEM, we ensure stable and efficient development of the Company and the transfer to a carbon-free Slovenia and region.


The Slovenian electricity system is managed and overseen from a modern and internationally established centre. We maintain a balance between electricity production and consumption, and provide system services.


By maintaining, building and modernising the electricity grid infrastructure, we meet the growing demand for electricity and ensure its safe and efficient transmission. Our on-site maintenance crew provides an optimal response to the physical events and maximises the reliability of ELES infrastructure.

Strategic innovations

We demonstrate our ongoing commitment to innovation by participating in major research, development and pilot projects financed by ELES, grants from EU, and other funds. In doing so, we cooperate with international and domestic stakeholders, helping develop the electricity sector in Slovenia and Europe.

Future orientation

With sustainable, systematic and professionally organised efforts in developing innovative projects that are integrated into all of our strategic activities, we are developing the transmission network of the future. In addition, we participate in many international projects, seeking solutions to the most challenging issues regarding the future of electricity and its transmission between producers and consumers. We are strengthening cross-sectorintegration and looking for joint solutions for the effective transition to a carbon-free society.

Our results (data for 2021)

Business operations

Operating income:
EUR 205,7 million
Net profit/loss for the year:
EUR 19,8 million
EUR 54,7 million
EUR 153,2 million


Number of employees:
Added value per employee:
EUR 163,100
Educational structure:
74,96 % or more employees have at least a 3-year higher professional education,
more than 7.846 hours of additional education and training per year,
low turnover,
efforts to improve energy and radiation literacy.


Ensuring optimum utilisation of existing equipment by installing smart transmission network management systems, such as SUMO (a system for determining operation limits) and WAMPAC (Wide Area Monitoring Protection and Control),
taking into account the environmental aspects and efficient use of materials when constructing power facilities,
preserving biodiversity and monitoring electromagnetic radiation when maintaining power facilities.
100 %


ELES d.o.o. is wholly owned by the Republic of Slovenia.

Geographical presence of ELES d.o.o.

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