Stelkom d.o.o.

WE PROVIDE TOP ICT SERVICES to business users in a high-quality backbone network.

Advanced custom solutions for business customers

We offer customers a wide selection of reliable ICT services and the use of advanced technologies. Flexible and professional, we create custom solutions for our customers. We are focused exclusively on business customers, providing them the highest quality of services.

Future orientation

  • Invest into the expanding optical networks of owners on the backbone and access levels and implement transmission systems to increase the utilisation of the existing network and reduce the cost of hiring telecommunication networks and services from external suppliers.
  • Implement a colocation service for open base stations, which will provide long-term stable income.
  • Continue establishing nodes in neighbouring countries to upgrade global telecommunication connectivity.

Our results(data for 2020)

Business operations

Total income:
EUR 7,390,750
Net profit:
EUR 180,586
Focus on strategic marketing with the following goals:
  • implementing value-added services,
  • to becominge the largest provider of telecommunications infrastructure and electronic communication services to business users in Slovenia,
  • becominge the main provider and manager for telecommunication infrastructure of other ICT owners and providers that are directly owned by the state.


Upgrading the portfolio with:
  • providing communication resources for Smart Grid
  • video analytics, biometrics, fiber and fibre sensing technologies
  • SD-WAN network
Investments in the following areas:
  • own DWDM network
  • new international POPs (POP - Point Of Presence - collocation): Sarajevo and Frankfurt.
  • establishment of infrastructure that will be able to ensure the smooth operation of the 5G network (base stations, fiberfibre optic lines)
  • construction of basic transmission infrastructure and services
  • IoT, AI
  • new network management services
  • security (PAM, DDOS, DNS)
  • upgrades to core equipment, establishing an intermediate "EDGE" aggregation level
  • IT infrastructure upgrades
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Stelkom d.o.o. is 56% owned by ELES.

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