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ALUMINIUM – the foundation of a green future

A sustainable innovation transition for carbon neutrality

The strategic orientation of the TALUM Group is slim, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly aluminium production and processing. TALUM belongs to a narrow range of the most efficient producers of electrolytic aluminium and aluminium alloys in the world.

We achieve growth with our above-standard billets, which have higher added value. We are among the world’s largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of slugs for tubes and containers. Castings are important for our growth. Apart from low-pressure and gravity casting, we have successfully entered the segment of high-pressure casting of aluminium products. By developing new technological solutions, we maintain continuous growth in our heat exchanger production and expand our presence from refrigerating technology to other activities.

The development of the factory will be based on technological development through open innovation. It will operate in accordance with the sustainable principles of ASI and the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. Aluminium products will be produced on the basis of secondary aluminium, while we will strive to maintain primary production of aluminium with BAT technology in Europe and Slovenia and reducing dependence on third countries. With the process of industrial transformation, we will sustainably transform our production and business processes through automation, robotization and digitalization. Our central competitive advantages are the knowledge, creativity and innovation of our employees. By establishing a centre for competence, education and promotion to help develop skills and knowledge of our employees, we will establish the foundation for the acquisition and development of knowledge, while upgrading mentoring and leadership skills for employees of the present and future. Important building blocks of our success are cooperation and creating synergies with external partners, lean and efficient processes and a culture of achievement.

Future orientation

  • Boosting innovation and development in all business segments, with an emphasis on sustainability and digitisation.
  • Focusing on increasing the number of employees due to our production and sales growth.

Our results(data for 2021)

Business operations

Operating income:
EUR 353 million
Net profit for the financial year:
EUR 452,000
29.9 million
EUR 8.7 million

Production and sales

Production and sale of aluminium products:
almost 114,581 tonnes,
which can be broken down into:
  • production and sale of slugs:
    38,549 tonnes per year,
  • electrolysis production capacity by one third:
    37.867 tonnes,
  • development of processing methods and products with higher added value by purchasing primary and waste aluminium.

Infrastructure and knowledge

With the goal of directing our research and development activities and strengthening interdisciplinarity, we wish to establish a Slovenian pilot centre for advanced solid metal solidification technologies. It will accelerate the industrialization of products, development of technologies and materials, add new knowledge, strengthen competencies and develop building blocks in the field of circular management, smart factories as well as strengthen networking and cooperation in the field of light metal metallurgy in Slovenia.
By upgrading our transport activities and making use the existing infrastructure, we will establish an intermodal logistics centre, a combination of railway and road logistics together with local partners, thus taking advantage of the favourable geographical position and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.
With the competent, educational and promotional meeting point of the Al13 Sphere, we will take care of the knowledge of the present and the future, as well as the promote the Talum brand.
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TALUM d. d. is 86% owned by ELES.

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