The ELES Group

is actively involved in the operation, management and strategic development of the Slovenian, wider regional and European electricity environment.

The activities of our companies range from

  • electricity transmission and trading support,
  • energy-efficient and flexible production of aluminium and aluminium products,
  • the development of information and communications technologies supporting the digitisation of electricity,
  • offering smart operating solutions to power system operators.
When it comes to business and development, the ELES Group cooperates with stakeholders in both Slovenia and the wider European and international environment. We manage the challenges of the future electricity supply efficiently.
Synergies are an integral part of both our day-to-day business and long-term strategies of individual companies and the group as a whole. Our business is ambitious and sustainably oriented. Therefore, we create value for our key stakeholders both in the short and long term.

“We are connecting energy systems and users”

Aleksander Mervar, MSc,
CEO of ELES d.o.o.
Aleksander Mervar, MSc

“By developing power exchange trading, we are making the energy market more transparent.”

Anže Predovnik, MSc,
CEO of BSP Energetska borza d.o.o.
Anže Predovnik, MSc

“We are co-creating the future with aluminium.”

Marko Drobnič,
Management Board Chair of TALUM d.d.
Marko Drobnič

“We are offering smart operating solutions to TSOs.”

Andrej Souvent, MSc,,
CEO of Operato d.o.o.
Andrej Souvent, MSc,

ELES Group – key performance indicators(data for 2021)

Business operations

Net sales:
EUR 531.2 million
Net profit/loss for the year:
EUR 20.7 million
Operating profit/loss (EBIT):
EUR 36.3 million
Net profit before amortisation, tax and interest (EBITDA):
EUR 92.6 million
EUR 394.3 million
Total assets:
EUR 1,045.1 million


EUR 163.3 million


Number of employees as at  on 31st of December 2021:

The data refer to the ELES Group, which in 2021 consisted of the controlling company ELES d.o.o., its subsidiaries TALUM d.d. and
Operato d.o.o. and included shares in the profit or loss of associated companies and the jointly controlled company BSP Energetska Borza, d.o.o.

Our Role in the Energy Sector

The ELES Group is helping develop the Slovenian, regional and European electricity ecosystem, while our industrial activities also have a global reach. Our activities are indispensable for a reliable electricity supply.

Key synergies and cooperation projects between ELES Group companies

Key synergies and cooperation projects between ELES Group companies


Custom-made auctions

We conduct custom-made auctions for the purchase of electricity in order to:

  • cover losses in the transmission network, and
  • perform tertiary frequency control.

Integration of power exchange markets

We run projects aimed at integration of the Slovenian power exchange market into a single European electricity market in the following segments:

  • day-ahead trading (at all borders of the Slovenian electricity system);
  • intraday trading (XBID project – developing technologies and procedures for the implementation of a single intraday market coupling).


Adapting the consumption

We manage our electricity consumption dynamically by:

  • responding to electricity grid demands and contributing to the stability of the transmission system;
  • supporting ELES as the transmission network system operator in case electricity flows need to be balanced due to grid instabilities.

FutureFlow Project

We participated in the pilot tests for demonstrating that prosumers can deliver high quality and flexibility services to the TSOs. An international research project was coordinated by ELES.

ELES – Operato

networks in Slovenia, managed and coordinated by ELES.


Purchase auctions

For TALUM’s demand, we conduct custom-made electricity purchase auctions.

The ELES Group creates value in the following strategic areas

Operation, management and development of the electric power system
Society and environment
Business economics
Knowledge and innovations

Geographical presence of The ELES Group

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